Syria: Reforms for Peace and Stable Government

Conference: UK Student Policy Forum 2017, 26 April 2017

Authors: Nora Kalinskij (head of project), Thomas Carlile, Dominic Bealby-Wright, Christian Wollny

Abstract: This paper presents a guideline for bringing peace and political stability back to Syria. The paper is divided into two sections. The first addresses the immediate cessation of hostilities. In order to achieve disarmament, we propose a framework of incentives, most importantly conditional amnesty, to those militiamen willing to give up arms. The second section focuses on the stabilisation and legitimisation of the Syrian government. We recommend that a strong government and unitary state is the best condition for bringing long-term peace and stability to Syria, where sectarianism will continue to be a significant destabilising feature of post-war governance. We propose that a body be established which represents different religious and cultural groups, and which may veto legislation in order to defend the interests of these minorities against sectarianism. We also recommend a ‘bottom-up’ approach to reconstruction: local government should initially take the lead in rebuilding infrastructure and providing aid. Our proposals seek to provide a starting-point for achieving stability and a long-term peace in Syria.
Syria: Reforms for Peace and Stable Government (PDF Download Available). Available from:


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