profile picNora Topor Kalinskij is a foreign policy analyst. She is currently assistant researcher at the Forum on Geopolitics, University of Cambridge. Nora is an analyst for the Russian International Affairs Council.

Previously, Nora has worked with the ‘Russia in Europe’ team of the Körber Foundation in Hamburg and the analytical centre Rethinking Russia. Nora headed a policy research team from The Wilberforce Society (Cambridge) and MGIMO (Moscow) working on reforms for peace and stable government in Syria.

Nora’s research centres on two pillars. On the global level, Nora studies geopolitical shifts and political trends that are connected to Europe and the Russian Federation. On the regional level, she analyses how Russian-Western relations play out in the Eastern European theatre.

Russian-Western cooperation is essential for security, energy and other areas of mutual interest. Nora works to develop a constructive dialogue between both sides for mutual benefit.

Nora holds a BA Hons in Politics and International Relations (HSPS) from the University of Cambridge.